Dragon’s Gap


Sage Harris stood with 300 women, all half-blood shifters, ranging in age from three months to forty years old. With the blood of their fathers retarding the aging process, all the adult women looked years younger than they actually were, for that there was not a woman present who was not grateful for having shifter blood running through her veins.

Unfortunately that was only one of a few good things about being part shifter. The discrimination by humans and pure blood shifters had very dangerous consequences resulting often in physical abuse and even death.

Living within Sage’s uncles Western Mountains Pack territory had been their only recourse, many years earlier the shifter’s Goddess had struck a bargain with Sage’s uncle and his mate. Robard and Pearl Harris, they and their pack would protect and keep safe all half shifters and she would give them the right to rule the shifters world, they would in essence become the king and queen of the shifter nation and their pack would become prosperous and well respected.

As with all gifts from the Divine there were caveat’s that were stipulated and agreed upon, the Alpha pair could not both be absent from their immediate territory at the same time. The pack would provide and allow settlement within their home territory, for all half shifters of all species.

The Alpha pair and male pack members would keep safe all the progeny no matter what age, from the union of male shifters and whoever they produced a child with as no female shifter ever had a child outside of a mating, this caveat never applied to them other than they were to treat all progeny as pack. The Alphas and all of the Western
Mountains pack members were never to intentionally hurt, abuse or kill any half shifters under their protection.

The Alpha’s accepted on behalf of themselves and their pack. From the time of acceptance of the deal with the Goddess, the Western Mountain pack flourished, each year that passed they became more dominant, wealthier, and more popular.
As did all full blood shifters that aligned with the Western mountain pack in the communities and territories throughout the world the first ten years saw the Western Mountain pack, triple in size, their income tripled every two years after the signing of the agreement. Pack members became rich almost overnight and had successful businesses throughout the countries. To help provide for the half shifters the pure pack members employed exclusively only half shifters to work in their companies, businesses and towns as well as securing them to tend their homes and young.

Wages for half-bloods were just above poverty and sometimes not even that as far as the pure bloods were concerned the half-bloods were provided for and protected as long as they were within the reaches of the pack as that territory extended far and wide they considered they were living up to the Goddesses deal. It was a win, win for the Alphas and the pure blood shifters unfortunately as time passed it was not a win for the half-bloods, exploitation was rife.


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